TVP company is one of the companies in the supply and distribution of spare parts for Volvo trucks and buses in the country that Babkar of technical knowledge and expertise and management systems is active. Macro view of a senior manager of administration, according to the principles of quality that the basic principles and permanent organization.
   In this regard, the general framework of the organization's quality objectives are as follows:

1 * supply and distribution of spare parts in compliance with global quality standards
2 x full respect for the principles of business professionals, including justice, honesty and respect for the rights of the client
3 * create an atmosphere of mutual trust, cooperation and strengthening relationships with partners with a range of -Brd
4 x continuous improvement in all processes in order to improve knowledge of the technical and quality-related activities
5 * successful presence in target markets in order to obtain the maximum contribution Yazar

   The management is committed to the performance level of quality with the quality management system according to ISO9001: 2008, ISO 10002: 2004 and continually improve performance of this system is continuously monitored.
Considering that the realization of these goals only with awareness, empathy and cooperation of all stakeholders in the
All organizational levels is possible, this policy along with training
It should be communicated to staff and in terms of sustainability, suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of continuous improvement
Be monitored and reviewed.